Useful Links

Please take some time to browse these websites when you:
-need help with studying for a test
-are bored and are craving some french exposure
-need some ideas for completing an assignment in French class
-just need to check out what’s new in the francophone world!

(For IB French only) Link to Réseau online resources

A site to conjugate verbs (Bescherelle)

Another verb conjugation site (Verbe2Verbe)

A bilingual dictionary where you can hear the words pronounced.  It also has verb conjugations.

Don’t know how to pronounce a word?   Go here to hear it pronounced. You must know the word in French 1st, but it does have some English translations.  here:

Pronunciation: A very cool site where you can cut and paste texts (or write your own), and hear it pronounced in reasonably accurate French.

Rules of French pronunciation explained with videos

Lots of tools to help with pronunciation

A bilingual dictionary where you can hear the words pronounced.  It also has verb conjugations.

A site that will quiz you on verb conjugation:

A site that has fun online quizzes and games for various French structures:

A game to practice French numbers.   Here are the directions translated:
(first, click on the numbers you want to practice)
“You must save the planet of aliens!  Click on the headphones to hear the number. You must then shoot at the right number that you hear. You can only make a maximum of 4 errors.  To regain a life, shoot at the gift.  Click on the red buttons to go back to the index, and the blue ones to quit.
Good luck!  Click to start (click on “Cliquez pour commencer”)”

A site with pictures and pronunciation of basic vocabulary.  It also has a few good grammar explanations:

Good and straight forward grammar explanations

More good grammar explanations with a comprehensive list of grammatical structures

A site (a blog) with good grammar explanations, but not all grammar points are covered.
The main page of the blog (French Today) with cool tidbits about French culture, language, cuisine, etc.

Not sure if a clause takes the subjunctive or not?  Check this cool tool out!  The subjunctivisor

A great general site about everything French –

This is a MEGA site full of hundreds of sites on French grammar, history, and fun stuff too. –

This site is SUPER COOL!! You can play games while practicing your grammar-how awesome is that??!! –

Want to listen to new French music and improve your listening comprehension at the same time??? Then hurry up and check out this site! –

Try to “think in French” or Sing in French:

Listen to French radio –  or

Watch French News –

Watch French news with subtitles and /or French or English transcripts. Click here

This is a blog which introduces you to many resources found on the web concerning all things French and Francophone –

French 3 and IB should check this site out for LOTS of GRAMMAR HELP –

Great visuals of daily life in Paris on this site! –

French and American stereotypes –

Thinking of living, studying, working in France? Check out this info. –

Determine your level of proficiency in Speaking French (not instantaneous) –

Determine your level of proficiency in Writing French (not instantaneous) –