French 3

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Interro sur le vocabulaire du chapitre 1 sera lundi le 25 septembre
+ make up syllabus quiz!

Devoirs pour vendredi le 22 septembre:
  Pour commencer

VHL (online text and website) create an account/sign in directions

Conjuguemos directions (how to create an account and do the activities). 

Commencez votre marathon de Conjueguemos!! Start NOW!Tthis will be due mardi le 19 septembre.
With the exception of
être, avoir, aller, faire, all must be done for at least 10 minutes at 85% or more to receive credit (and for a reasonable amount of time)

  1. Être, avoir, faire, aller : Présent (5 mins @ 85% or more)
  2. Être, avoir, faire, aller : Passé Composé (5 mins @ 85% or more)
  3. Être, avoir, faire, aller : Imparfait (5 mins @ 85% or more)
  4. LE PRESENT: all regular verbs (10 mins @ 85% or more)
  5. LE PRESENT: irregular verbs (10 mins @ 85% or more)
  6. LE FUTUR: all verbs (10 mins @ 85% or more)
  7. LE CONDITIONNEL: all verbs (10 mins @ 85% or more)
  8. LE PASSE COMPOSE: ALL VERBS (10 mins @ 85% or more)
  9. L’IMPARFAIT: all verbs (10 mins @ 85% or more)

Your 1st assignment is to carefully read the course responsibilities contract (syllabus) with your parents.  All parties fill out the goals section, and bring the signed copy back by Tuesday, September 12th.  You will return the signatures to me.  Keep the rest of the contract in your binder for reference.
—There will be a quiz on the contract on September 12th.

Also, Please respond to all questions in the “Dites-moi de toi” handout.  Please use what’s in your head.  Don’t look up any grammar and only very few words in a dictionary. This will be due on Thursday, September 12th as well. It will not be graded, but you will receive points for completion.