French 1

Interested in going to France the summer of 2018?  Check out the link on the main page for more info…  

Devoirs pour vendredi le 22 septembre: Contextes (vocabulary) handout ch 1

Homework for Wednesday, Sept. 20: Color in and label the rainbow handout in French. Don’t forget masculine and feminine forms!

Click here to listen to and practice the French alphabet! 🙂

Directions for how to create and sign into your VHL (online book and homework) account.

Homework (Online) due Monday, September 18th:
Log on to your VHL (online textbook account).
Make sure you are under the PRACTICE tab (though most homework will be under the Cahier interactif).
Scroll down to FLASH CULTURE (red)
Watch the video “Salut!” and then click on Activity 1 “Les salutations”
Answer the questions and then click submit.
Go back to make sure it was submitted.
+ Online vhl scavenger hunt (do online, turn in hardcopy) on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH

Homework for Tuesday, September 13: Numbers 0-20 crossword

Here’s a the link to the elephant song if you want to practice! 🙂

Bienvenue à français 1!

Your 1st assignment is to carefully read the course responsibilities contract (syllabus) with your parents.  All parties fill out the goals section, and bring the signed copy back by Tuesday, September 12th.  You will return the signatures to me.  Keep the rest of the contract in your binder for reference.
—There will be a quiz on the contract on September 12th as well as a binder check.

Also, please fill out the getting to know you form (Questionnaire d’élève), attach a fairly recent photo of yourself if possible, and return it with your syllabus signature on the 12th.