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French 1 Syllabus/Course Expectations Contract
French 3 Syllabus/Course Expectations Contract
IB Syllabus/Course Expectations Contract

How to type accents in French (Mac on the 3rd page)

What is Musique Mercredi?  Click on your class for for the presentation dates/schedule:
You pick a (school appropriate) French song to share with the class on a Wednesday.
You must email Madame know what song you picked the Sunday night previous to the Wednesday you present it.
 You must give a brief description (In French!) with the song title, the name of the song, name of the musician(s), what it is about, and why you chose it.
It must be something that can be found on Youtube so we’re sure the technology will work/be compatible.Then you get 5 participation points simply for following these directions on time.
**Put several reminders in your planner and in your phone NOW. Madame probably will not remind you!

How to help your French student succeed:  Tips for parents

Speaking participation rubric FRENCH 1

Speaking participation rubric FRENCH 3




Reciprocal Reading tasks overview