Dear students and parents,

I hope you are doing well in these uncertain times!
I wanted to let you know that all work up to the closure has been entered in Skyward. As I have mentioned, due to the unusual circumstances, I will be accepting any homework that has not been turned in this semester for full credit. If you wish to complete work, please consult the website for as much information as possible, search your binder for any handouts, and then reach out if you have further questions about a specific assignment. I may also ask you to ‘correct’ work turned in, depending on the nature of the assignment.

If you had work missing due to an absence in the few days before the closure, I have excused that assignment so it will not count against your grade. However, it may be a good idea to complete it and provide evidence of completion to get full credit.

Please stay tuned in coming days for more resources and activities specific to your class to keep up with your French in the coming weeks.

Take care and stay healthy!  À la prochaine!
Mme Fisher

Dear students and parents,

I hope this message finds you healthy and safe!

I thank you for your patience as our state, district, school, and academic department have been working very hard in these unprecedented times to determine next steps that are fair and equitable to all of our students during the school closure.  Though there will likely be more details and clarification in the coming days, teachers have been directed to not introduce any new material or curriculum, but provide resources and enrichment activities for students to keep up with their learning during the school closure. Though teachers are not permitted to accept any student work for a grade or score (after the commencement of the closure), it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all students take advantage of the resources, activities, and opportunities to stay engaged in their learning during the closure. Let’s Keep the French Fresh!

Please refer to school notices and the Issaquah School District website   for more information about resources that have been made available for students to access technology, as well as other offered services to support families in maintaining good health and learning in the coming weeks.

Given the unique circumstances of our current situation, I have decided to waive the missed/late work policy and any work not turned in from this semester will be accepted for full credit. Skyward will be updated with all assignments by Monday 3/23. Please stay tuned until then for further directions about any specific assignments and for further directions on how to submit any missed work.

Starting next week, I will be posting resources and activities specific to your level and class on the class website. You may also occasionally receive a ‘check in’ email to remind you of available resources.

Until activities specific to levels can be developed further, here are a few options to get you started and ‘Keep the French Fresh’! In addition to resources below, please check out the ‘useful links’ tab of this website, though this will undergo a lot of updating and revamping in the coming days…  

Thank you for your patience during these uncertain times, and please stay tuned for more updates and MANY MORE resources to come!!

(Just a few) Resources to get you started: 

  1. – this is our online textbook (for levels 1&3), and there are multiple different activities for listening, reading and writing. There are also numerous tutorials and resources that can be used to reconnect and help solidify understanding to previous content. I would like to emphasize that we do not want your student working beyond the current concepts we have been working on since we do not know how far we will get in the remainder of this school year and that we will be working on adjusting our curriculum once we know more.
  2. – this is a website with numerous vocabulary and grammar based activities designed for students of multiple different languages.
  3. – this should be a website that is very familiar to your student since many of us within the WL department have our own sets created to help them study and prepare for the content within our curriculum. However, there are also countless other study sets that are already made and will allow everyone an opportunity to review and practice materials that we have already covered.
  4. – this is a website with numerous links to other websites and resources.
  5. – this is a website with a wide variety of fairy tales that have been translated into numerous languages.
  6. – this is a compilation of resources with all kinds of different styles of activities for all students.


Dear students and parents,
We have been instructed by the district to “not provide specifics about emergency education learning resources at this time.”  Please be patient as our state, district, and school are working very hard to determine the best plan of action in these unprecedented times.

Also, please check your email and this website at least once a day for updates pertaining to your French class that will reflect any direction provided as authorities map out the best way to move forward.

We will get through this!  Bon courage à tous!
Mme Fisher

Voyegez en France!!! Information about the 2020 summer France trip can be found below.

Mme Rigelman’s website

Can’t make it to France, but still want an authentic French experience? Host a French student!





Information Power Point for incoming Freshmen: Why Take French?  

Would like to enhance the French learning experience?  Check out Madame Fisher’s wish list and donate to our class! Click here…

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Madame Fisher
French 1, French 3, and IB French

Skyline High School:  Sammamish, WA
(425) 837-7888 (email is best)
Office 1410A

Period 1:  Planning
Period 2: IB French SL, portable 9
Period 3:
French 3, portable 9
Period 4 : French 3, portable 9
Period 5:  French 1, portable 9
Period 6:  Planning
Period 7: French 3, portable 9

Availabilty for Students:  During Tuesday and Wednesday Flextime by scheduled appointment in portable 9 unless otherwise stated.


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