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Information Power Point for incoming Freshmen: Why Take French?  

Do college admissions officers value students who speak more than one

language? (The answer is YES! Click to read article…)

Would like to enhance the French learning experience?  Check out Madame Fisher’s wish list and donate to our class! Click here…

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Madame Fisher
French 1, French 3, and IB French

Skyline High School:  Sammamish, WA
(425) 837-7888
Office 1410A

Period 1:  IB French SL/HL + French 3, portable 9
Period 2:  French 3, portable 9
Period 4: French 1 portable 9
Period 5:  French 1, portable 9
Period 6:  French 1, portable 9

Availabilty for Students:  I am usually available Monday after school and Wednesday mornings by appointment.


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